RONI HELOU and theOtherDada ( join forces to shine light on the importance of reversing the losses of biodiversity.
Shot by Yasmina Hilal in and around Beirut’s RiverLESS Forest, RONI HELOU presents this summer season’s #SurvivorItems collection.

Since the inception of the brand, the conscious Lebanese ready-to-wear designer has been influenced by the increased waste and malpractices that continue to
massively pollute our planet. Upcycling dead-stock and vintage fabrics became the main pillar of the brand. In an effort to reduce waste, RONI HELOU introduced #SurvivorItems, pieces from previous collections re-shot in exciting new ways and offered at reduced prices.

A collaboration with @theotherdada came naturally to the brand as the green company's initiative @theotherforest regenerates abandoned plots of lands with native flora, allowing for an increased urban biodiversity as well as a reduction of CO2, pollution levels and heat in the city.
Beirut’s RiverLESS Forest is theOtherDada’s pilot project which includes afforestation efforts using the ingenious Miyawaki technique. 

We encourage you to volunteer or donate to this amazing project and to mimic @theotherdada’s efforts in order to create a positive impact on the national scale.
The Miyawaki technique, permaculture, hydroponics and aquaponics are only some of the solutions that can contribute to a richer environment.
Stay curious!


Sustainability, human rights and animal rights are at the heart of RONI HELOU. 
We work to uphold these values in everything we do, from sampling to production and everything in between.